Our Story

Coral Spa Consultants is run by Kayleigh Westgarth, who spent over twelve years working as a masseuse and spa manager aboard some of the most prestigious superyachts in the world.

With each yacht Kayleigh joined, she found the same intrinsic problems within the wellness suite on board. By not consulting with dedicated spa professionals, it was rare that the space was ever designed with enough knowledge and understanding of the requirements for smooth operation.

Coral Spa Consultants aim to advise design teams, shipyards or owner’s teams during the earlier stages of design and interior space planning to help create a wellness area that functions seamlessly, with a relaxing ambience, and with equipment that is perfectly suited to the treatments on offer.

As our dedication to health and wellbeing grows, so does the demand for spaces that deliver results for recharging both mind and body. From ensuring wellness spaces have the necessary flexibility and charter appeal, to hammam and sauna integration, and incorporating advanced equipment like cryosaunas, our experience covers it all.

Coral Spa Consultants build on the wealth of knowledge and expertise in the fitness space offered by Gym Marine, and brings that to onboard wellness areas. The two companies work hand in hand to provide the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

“I am and always will be, a spa therapist. Creating beautiful treatment experiences for guests has always been my passion, but to do that I need to be in a well thought-out treatment room. I bring my hands-on experience to your project so our spa therapists can achieve the same, whether it’s a single treatment room or a more extensive spa suite. I want guests and therapists alike to find sanctuary in this space.”

Kayleigh Westgarth (Founder)

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